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3 Easy Steps

With our custom on-site refrigeration door seal replacement solutions, we can provide your business with a one-stop fix, identifying the required door seals and making a replacement in one visit. Not only does this make the whole process hassle-free for you, it typically works out up to 40% cheaper when compared with alternative solutions and it’s 80% faster than going through the manufacturer.


Step 1

We identify the seals you need

Our skilled technician will arrive on-site to identify any damaged door seals and take measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your fridge or freezer. They will also survey all other refrigeration door seals to ensure nothing has been missed.

There’s no need to know the make and model number of the refrigerator, our technician will identify the correct seal profile. We can make up to 90% of fridge and freezer seals from all types of brands and manufacturers, without knowing the make and model. The only information we need is where the seal is located.

We fit refrigeration door seals for:

  • Upright cabinets
  • Under-counter chillers/bottle coolers
  • Chest freezers
  • Cold drawers
  • Walk-in chiller & freezer cold rooms
  • Cold room curtains
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Step 2

We make your new seal on-site

The technician will then return to his company van. where we have bespoke patented technology to make the new door seals on-site. On average, we are able to produce a new fridge or freezer door seal every 15 minutes. Saving you time and repairing door seals 80% faster than manufacturers.

Step 3

We fit your seals

We then fit the fridge or freezer door seal there and then, in one-call out.

When it comes to repairing fridge or freezer door seals, our process is streamlined to ensure efficiency and convenience and eliminate wasted time. By surveying all refrigeration door seals and making them on-site, we can help your business improve its energy efficiency and save costs; leaving you with the peace of mind that your fridge or freezer is in good hands.

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More about our seal replacement service

How do I know a fridge door seal needs replacing?

There are several issues that suggest your fridge door seal may be broken or damaged, the most popular being that the door pops open repeatedly. This is usually due to a weakened seal that can no longer remain suctioned closed as it should. If you’re concerned about your fridge or freezer door seal, get in touch with our experts today at 01788 550100.

What seal types do you provide?

We can make and fit 95% of refrigeration door seal profiles, including fridge and freezer door seals that are no longer used, from overseas or are difficult to source. From the bespoke equipment in our vans, we can create the seal on-site and ensure it’s made to the exact size and fit for your fridge or freezer.

We fit seals for:

  • Upright cabinets
  • Under-counter chillers/bottle coolers
  • Chest freezers
  • Cold drawers
  • Walk-in chiller & freezer cold rooms
  • Cold room curtains
Which refrigeration brands do you replace seals for?

Because we make the refrigeration door seals on-site, we can fit replacement seals for the majority of brands and manufacturers.

How long do I have to wait for a fridge door seal replacement?

Our FiltaSeal service is 80% faster than manufacturers and on average customers wait just 7-10 days from the initial call. Once on-site, the survey, measurements, make and fit are all done on the same day.

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