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Don’t Let Profits Escape From Your Fridge

Despite the national focus on rising energy costs, some operators are adding 25% to their bills by letting cool air escape from commercial fridges and freezers through defective door seals. Not to mention risking food spoilage and compromising food hygiene standards, which could lead to a failed EHO inspection.

Our research shows that show that a faulty door seal adds 25% to energy consumption as cold air leaks from the appliance. That means commercial kitchen operators could be adding up to £550 a year* to their energy bill by letting cool air escape from fridges and freezers through defective door seals. Isn’t it time you found a solution?*

Fridge and freezer seals are subject to extreme wear and tear in commercial catering environments. Doors on kitchen equipment and front-of-house display counters are constantly being opened and closed, so seals will inevitably need replacing from time to time – but failure to do so could hike your energy bills.

FiltaSeal provides a nationwide on-site supply and fitting service for any commercial replacement fridge and freezer door seals. We check, create and fit seals in one visit for a quicker, more cost-effective solution.

  • First time fix on 90% of seal replacements
  • Nationwide on-site make-and-fit service for up to 95% of commercial units
  • No need to wait for replacement parts. Ours Seals are created and fitted on-site by a Filta expert using specialist tooling in our mobile workshop
  • One fixed price, no labour charge on top
  • Avoid the risk of food spoilage or failed EHO inspections from faulty door seals


We Replace Fridge and Freezer Seals For:

  • Upright cabinets
  • Under-counter chillers/bottle coolers
  • Chest freezers
  • Cold drawers
  • Walk-in chiller cold rooms
  • Walk-in freezer cold rooms
  • Cold room curtains


Keep Your Fridge Seals Clean:

Filta’s professional Seal Cleaner can extend the lifetime of seals by removing fats and food spills that would cause the seal to dry out and get brittle.

Aggressive cleaning agents such as all-purpose cleaners, sanitisers, oven cleaners and degreasers can cause irreparable damage when used on fridge seals.

Filta’s ready-to-use solution prevents microorganisms and bacteria from entering the food storage compartment, without risking damage to the seal – simply spray or wipe on, leave for 30 seconds and wipe dry.

Contact FiltaSeal:

Need a fridge or freezer door seal replacing? Contact our friendly customer service team today, on 01788 550100 or click here to send an enquiry.

*Savings calculated for an “average” commercial kitchen when the door seals are defective due to wear or improper maintenance.

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